What Are The Precautions After Gynecomastia Recovery


As far as recovery time frame after gynecomastia is considered, it depends on how sever your condition is, and what approached was used for performing the surgery. Usually, the average patient is treated with a combination of breast gland tissue excision and liposuction. You can resume work after a week or as suggested by the surgeon.

It is important to adhere to the instructions given by your plastic surgeon. This detailed instruction would include information about caring for drains, type and level of activity that is safe, wearing compression garments and intake of antibiotics.

In addition, the plastic surgeon will also provide instructions related to the normal symptoms that you would experience and potential signs of complications. It is, however, important to know that duration of recovery that a person takes after gynecomastia varies among individuals. For more information Visit Personiks to know more about the treatment and Gynaecomastia cost in Hyderabad.

1. In all possibilities your first follow-up after the procedure would be six to seven days after the surgery. During this visit, your sutures will be removed, and also your sutures if the discharge has disappeared or diminished.

2. After examining you, plastic surgeon will suggest how long you have to wear compression garment.

3. Also, he or she will brief you about the exercises you can do. In most cases, you can resume low impact exercises and activities at three to four weeks; you might also start gentle upper arm extremity progressive resistance exercises at four to six weeks.

4. You will, perhaps, return to work within ten to fifteen days after procedure.

5. To ensure optimal healing, avoid strenuous activities and exercises for first two to three weeks.

6. Pain tolerance varies among individuals. For most patients, the pain is moderate at best. When extensive liposuction is performed, you might experience soreness that is equal to a day of exercise. You might be prescribed painkiller, however most patients do not require more than extra strength Tylenol.

7. You might have to apply Neosporin or any other antibiotic ointments to the wound.

8. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or tanning for nearly six weeks, until bruising as well as swelling subsides.

9. Exposure to sun rays would prolong swelling and might cause permanent discolouration. Sun exposure in the early stages can lead to scars to become more evident. To know more details on Gynaecomastia visit Cidoc2015

10. Bruising and swelling are normal after the procedure. Bruising can appear in different degrees ranging from minimal to massive. It could be confined to the breast region or expand to the abdomen and chest. Bruising can appear in colours such as purple, bright red, black, blue or a combination of colours. It would increase in intensity in the first few days and then slowly diminish and turn yellowish for another week or ten days. The discolouration will appear within three to four weeks.

11. Just like other surgical procedures, you might notice a decrease in sensation in the region around the operated wound. This is more common in men with enlarged breasts that need significant liposuction. Most men experience temporary loss of sensation to be insignificant. It takes nearly a year for sensation to return.

12. In most patients who have diminished elasticity, there might be skin creases or excess skin that is more evident after the surgery. Most of these creases would persist for eight to twelve months and then lessen significantly, and loose skin tightens.

13. After gynecomastia surgery, there is a common phenomenon of spontaneous shrinking of the areola. The diameter will decrease to ten to fifty percent from the actual size. This usually happens when significant amounts of glandular tissues are removed.

14. It is important for patients to remain patient and have realistic approach. It might take three or more than three months for swelling to abate for final results to be visible.

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