Volkswagen Polo GT Facelift First Drive & Overview

Volkswagen Polo GT Overview

Volkswagen came up with a mid-life update for its Polo last year. While the cosmetic changes were very minute and subtle, the alterations under the bonnet made it to the news for all the right reasons. The three-cylinder not-so-refined diesel engine was now replaced with an all-new mill having an extra cylinder on-board.This new 1.5-litre four-pot oil burner unit helped the German carmaker to kill two birds with a single stone. How? First, it overthrew the squawky 1.2-litre diesel engine, overcoming the lack of refinement and adequate power in the standard version. And secondary, it became a cheaper alternative to propel its performance-oriented GT version that fetched additional taxes due to a bigger 1.6-litre motor from the elder sibling Vento.

We had a spin in the updated Polo couple of months back and found its very impressive overall. Although the earlier three-pot motor also felt decent around the city, but the moment you hit the highway and a quick overtaking was needed, the engine whined and laboured to power through, which is certainly not an issue with this new engine on duty.View offers on Volkswagen Cars from Volkswagen dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop.

Volkswagen Polo GT Look

On the exterior there isn’t too much change. VW has added a black lip on the top of the hatch that matches the black side mirrors. The lights have been tweaked a bit but apart from that there is no change at all. On the interior the GT Tsi does feel a lot plusher than it did before. The steering wheel has been updated to the latest version that is seen across the board in al VW cars. The black and silver contrast on the steering mounted audio controls looks very classy. Same goes with the new dashboard and multimedia system. Like the previous car this GT TSi gets Bluetooth, AUX in, USB and an SD Card reader, this makes for no shortage of audio media.

Volkswagen Polo GT Comfort

Like any other German offering, cabin of the Polo GT focuses more on the functionality rather than aesthetics. The quality is top-notch and the layout is simple and extremely straightforward. Instead of the earlier dual-tone colour theme, the updated model gets an all-black treatment. From the black-beige dashboard to the silver centre console trim, now you get everything painted in black. Too much black. I must say. The new flat-bottomed steering wheel, however, comes as a pleasant surprise and enhances the sporty character of the car. The fine leather finish on the steering wheel, gear knob and hand brake lever is absolutely brilliant to hold and feels high-end.While the aluminium pedals and door sill plates with GT badges goes well with the theme inside and, overall, the cabin feels plush.

Volkswagen Polo GT Gearbox

The reduced displacement hasn’t made the Polo GT TDI slow by any measure. Useable power comes in from as low as 1,600rpm and when the turbo spools up nicely at about 1,900rpm, the engine pulls cleanly to 4,500rpm before gradually losing steam near its very un-diesel-like 5,500rpm limiter. Flat-out, it’ll do 0-100kph in 11.52 seconds, which is slightly slower than the older car’s 10.51 seconds. Like its 89bhp counterpart and its 1.6-litre predecessor, this motor has a solid mid-range, and it’s fun to work the five-speed manual gearbox to keep it in this zone. We can’t be certain without a back-to-back drive, but the new engine doesn’t seem to have as much power at the top end as the old 1.6. Check for Volkswagen Polo GT in  

At the official test drive, VW had set up a handling circuit, which got our inner enthusiast excited about the possibility of reworked suspension for the GT TDI. Unfortunately, however, there has been no such change, and the car carries on with the standard setup. This is not to say the Polo is overly soft or floaty; in fact it handles quite tidily in any guise. It’s just that for a car that bears a sporty GT badge, we would have preferred a differently tuned ride and handling balance, one that erred more on the side of sportiness than comfort. Skoda did it with the Laura vRS, as did Ford with the old Fiesta S. Like before, however, the GT front suspension does seem a touch firmer than the GT TSI’s, to compensate for the heavier engine.

Volkswagen Polo GT Rideing

Driving the GT TSi is great. It behaves well when you want it to and even returns a good fuel mileage. That does depend on your driving style as well. The more you push it, the more visits you gotta make to the gas station. Yes, you will have fun pushing it, but that can be quite pricey on the pocket. The brakes can be quite touchy. Press the pedal and there is a definitive lag in the bite. At speeds you may be coming up on a car pretty quick and you may ease on the brakes to slow down the GT TSi but it doesn’t till you press quite hard on the pedal, and instead of gradually bringing the car to a halt kind does it with an unwanted jerk.

Volkswagen Polo GT Safety

There are plenty of Volkswagen Polo GT features in the safety section that ensure that customers rely upon the prowess of the hatch. Some of the safety features offered by the hatch include height-adjustable head restraints, 3-point seat belts, emergency exit, high mounted stop lamp, etc. For the braking system, Volkswagen Polo GT gets ABS along with disc brakes for the front wheel and drum brakes for the rear.

Volkswagen Polo GT Price in Hyderabad

Volkswagen Polo Gt On-Road Price in Hyderabad ranges from 10,58,528 to 10,73,526 for variants Polo GT TSI and Polo GT TDI respectively. Volkswagen Polo Gt is available in 2 variants and 5 colours. Below are details of Volkswagen Polo Gt variants price in Hyderabad. Check for Polo GT price in Hyderabad at Carzprice.

Volkswagen Polo GT Bottomline

Now that the standard Polo TDI gets a punchy 89bhp version of this same engine rather than the weak old three-cylinder unit from before, forking out the extra money for the GT version may not seem as worthwhile as before. This is emphasised by the fact that there are no other mechanical changes to the car, and very few cosmetic differences. However, the standard TDI Highline is also more expensive than before, so while the performance gap between it and the GT has narrowed, so has the price gap; it’s now just around Rs 60,000. Still, if you enjoy driving, we feel the extra 14bhp is worth the extra spend.

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