Toyota Carolla Altis Performance & Test Drive

Toyota Carolla Altis Overview

Even before the Corolla was first launched in India in 2003, its legendary reputation preceded it. Yet, the world’s best-selling car couldn’t really replicate its global triumph in India. Sure, it had bullet-proof reliability and promised fuss-free motoring, but the Corolla had to deal with twin challenges of a segment that was fast shrinking and increasing competition from rivals that were more exciting to look at and drive. Worries that the all-new Corolla is popped from the same mould can be cast aside. The new styling is superb not just by conservative Corolla standards, but even when compared to the competition. The interiors are completely new too, and spec-for-spec, the Corollas have now been better-equippe


Toyota Carolla Altis Design

Toyota has taken a page or two out of other manufacturers’ books, and that’s no bad thing. The Altis leads with the prominent logo on the nose of the chrome grille, and runs into swept-back double-barrel headlamps that remind me of the Chris Bangle-designed BMW 5-series. Only one projector unit is present per headlamp, but that is also a step ahead from the previous bulb-and-reflector design. Look carefully and you’ll notice an interesting mix of chrome and blacked-out bits in the headlamp itself. There is also an LED strip, but unexpectedly it isn’t a DRL array, it is the pilot lamp substitute. I really like the way the horizontal chrome strips of the grille extend above – and inside! – the headlamps. Toyota has also followed the now-standard trapezoid design for the front bumper that lends the Altis quite a bit of aggression, but they’ve not made it overt like the Mitsubishis, which is nice. Strangely, the diesel top-spec variant doesn’t get fog lamps.

From the front three quarter and the side, the Corolla reveals its intentions to be comfortable rather than sporty, but it certainly isn’t dumpy any more. There is an element of the horizontal lines rising toward the rear, like the shoulder line and the lower window sill. The strong creases help accentuate the sporty design elements and the thin spokes of the new alloy wheels help give it that ‘superleggera’ feel.

At the rear, the pictures reveal that the sporty plot is lost sight a little, but it doesn’t look out of proportion at all in the flesh. The slim, wrap-around tail-lamps that extend into the bootlid and the fat chrome strip that links the two tail-lamps help take your eyes off the height of the tail. Interestingly, the same trapezoid design of the front is carried over at the rear with the metal surrounding the numberplate and the creases of the bumper, and the Altis carries it off with style. Toyota has stuck with giving the Altis badge priority, and a small variant designation is present below the right tail ;

Toyota Carolla Altis Cabin

They might not have the lines to flaunt and impress but then when it comes to functionality, this one does its job well. It gets everything from leather upholstery, spacious and comfy seats to a host of many other features.Apply car loan for Carolla Altis.

The seats are extremely comfortable and well cushioned. Only the GL variant gets a 8 way power adjustable driver seat. Seats in both rows are well crafted. The headroom is fantastic even though this one is shorter in height and also due to the increase in length and wheelbase; the rear seats too offer great legroom. It is also the only car in this segment to have reclining rear seats

On the central console, there is a nice beige touch given to the dashboard. The GL and G variants get 7.0 LCD touch screen while the JS gets a 5.8 LCD touchscreen. It can control various functions like Bluetooth telephony, navigation system, entertainment as well as accessing vehicle information. Along with offering options like USB and Aux-in, it has a SD card reader too which can be accessed by tilting the touchscreen.

It gets numerous storage options throughout the cabin. The Auto Climate control Ac can be controlled via the unit on the central console. This unit cools the cabin effectively but then absence of rear AC vents is felt too especially under extreme day time climate.

Toyota Carolla Altis Gearbox

The Altis gets the same 1.8 litre unit albeit with a host of changes. The VVTi unit gets an upgraded ECU and now puts out 132 PS @ 6000 rpm and a max torque of 170 Nm @ 4200 rpm. All this adds up the Altis being pretty urgent in its power delivery. Mash the throttle from rest and the car gallops to a 100 km/h in 13.11 seconds. Keeping the throttle pinned and we managed to hit a 188.54 km/h before we ran out of roads. Check for Carolla Altis in sccaudi

The Altis managed pretty good acceleration figures as you can see, but the real forte of the car is its drivability. Be it any gear the Altis never gets bogged down and squirts forward the moment you jab the throttle. In-gear acceleration is simply outstanding with hardly any downshifts required which is a boon when driving around town.

Our Altis came equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox which had a positive shift action but required more effort when shifting through the gate quickly. The excellent powerplant though is somewhat of a let down on the refinement front. At high speeds the all aluminium unit gets pretty vocal and was not quite melodious according to automotive standards. Another noticeable thing was the over enthusiastic rev limiter which gets involved pretty soon and made the acceleration tests a real chore. Braking though is one of the Altis’s strong points with ABS, EBD and discs all round managing to haul down the car from 100 km/h in just 57 metres without any sort of drama.

Toyota Carolla Altis Driving

Toyota cars are usually known for their comfort oriented suspension setup. The new Corolla Altis has McPherson Strut at the front and Torsion Beam for the rear. The Japanese automaker has managed to achieve a good balance of ride and handling with a more comfort oriented layout. The softly sprung suspension makes the ride pliant in most of the road conditions and at variable speeds. It absorbs potholes and undulations smoothly, without giving much vertical movement inside the cabin. There is no sharp sound and feel from the suspension over bad roads and it just thuds at broken and harsh section of roads. At high speeds, it lacks the solid feel of its European rivals but it is composed enough for highway confidence.

Handling has improved and it is quite responsive in corners, maintaining its line with confidence. However, there is some body roll while cornering hard and the steering feedback is on the lighter side. For a well cushioned ride and strong grip, the 205/55/R16 Yokohama tyres do a fantastic job. The steering is light and easy for maneuvering at slow speeds and weighs up as the speed increases but not as much as we would have liked. Braking performance is brisk with a controlled nose-dive and positive pedal feedback.

Toyota Carolla Altis Safety

The New Toyota Corolla Altis 2017 gets automatic climate control. It also gets a new seven-inch touchscreen audio with Bluetooth, Navigation and Steering mounted controls. It also gets a revers parking camera. This touch screen is new and is easy to use. The touch functionality is nice and feels more premium now. For more information on Toyota Carolla Altis check AutoZhop

The car also features cruise control, which becomes a boon on this long expressway drives. Auto dimming mirrors and chrome door handles are also seen now on this car. The headlamps of the New Toyota Corolla Altis 2017 are projectors with LED DRLS and also the taillamps are LEDs. It terms of safety, it is equipped with seven airbags, ABS with EBD, Brake Assist and ESP.

Toyota Carolla Altis Price

Toyota Corolla Altis On-Road Price in Chennai ranges from 20,00,515 to 23,73,896 for variants Corolla Altis 1.8 G and Corolla Altis 1.8 VL AT respectively. Toyota Corolla Altis is available in 5 variants and 7 colours. Below are details of Toyota Corolla Altis variants price in Chennai. Check for Carolla Altis price in Chennai at Carzprice.

Toyota Carolla Altis Round Up

The 2014 Toyota Corolla Altis is back with a bang. The styling has vastly improved, so much so that it looks better than most of the competition. Interiors are distinctive yet luxurious and there are enough features on offer to make you feel special. In terms of comfort, the new Altis is a tough nut to crack in this segment with a spacious cabin and pliant ride. However, new engine options would have been appreciated, especially the diesel, which is underpowered for a car of this size and a few safety features are sorely missing for this segment. Toyota cars are known for their interior quality, comfortable ride and durability. Such has been the case with the Corolla until now but along with this, Toyota has definitely managed to add the ‘Wakudoki’ factor to the new eleventh generation Corolla.

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