7 Outrageous Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Actually Worked

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Outrageous real estate marketing ideas are calculated risks that have paid off, garnering interest, sales and word-of-mouth without spending a fortune. While many agents struggle to differentiate themselves in fiercely competitive market spaces, some real estate agents dabble in the absurd and found that it actually worked to bolster their business.

While you might not be ready to take the plunge into the outrageous just yet, there are other real estate marketing tips that work,

Using the right real estate marketing tools and tactics can give you an edge over the competition, but what do you do if you really want to stand out in a unique, unexpected way? If you truly want to stand out from the average real estate business, sometimes you need to take a leap of marketing faith. Agents who are willing to go outside the norm, try something ambitious, and risk looking silly in the process can make massive marketing gains with creative, quirky tactics that other agents aren’t willing to try.

Grab some outside-the-box marketing inspiration with our look at seven outrageous real estate marketing ideas…that actually worked!

Free Pizza with Purchase of House

Look around for Keller Williams “for sale” signs in the neighborhood, and you may find a truly unique rider attached. Offering “free pizza with the purchase of a house” is a funny, tongue-in-cheek way to grab attention for the listing and market the real estate brand, even if a savory slice probably won’t close the deal on its own.

Empty Lot? Try “Open Concept” Home

Real estate Online Marketing Agency agent Eric Bonetti had an open lot to sell and wanted to add some appeal for potential buyers. So he placed a door—and only a door—on the lot, and called it an “open concept” home. His funny stunt was picked up by a variety of online outlets and surely brought more attention to the listing.

Making Your Own Music Video

If you’ve got a great singing voice or a clever idea for a real estate parody of a popular tune, then perhaps you’ll be bold enough to create a music video of your own. This outrageous marketing tactic takes some dedication and effort, but when done right can earn you some great visibility with online shoppers.

On the “Lamb”

Real estate broker Brad J. Lamb, who operates out of Toronto, realized that his last name creates a gold mine of quirky real estate marketing opportunities. Around the city, you may see an ad for a “lamb in space” with Brad’s head edited in or a lamb that sells homes, and the campaign was so successful that Brad eventually earned his own show on HGTV.

A New Level of #Hashtag Marketing

Agent Kenny Truong grabbed the attention of his market in Oakland with local ads that featured his “#fastagent” hashtag, and nothing else. People who saw the ads were inspired to look up the hashtag, connect with his brand through Twitter, and work with his business for their real estate needs.

Make a Fortune (Cookie) In Real Estate

Who doesn’t love a fortune cookie after a great meal at a local Chinese restaurant? Agent Wendy Cobrin capitalized on our love of fortune cookies by having custom cookies made, with her contact info and a real estate related fortune inside for some truly memorable marketing. To know more information on Real Estate Marketing check Ibin

Moving to Canada? We Can Sell Your Home

Election season brings the opportunity for some real estate related humor, and agent Jeff Cook decided to try a bi-partisan marketing campaign for people who plan to “move to Canada” if their preferred candidate doesn’t win. The campaign caught the eye of major news websites and gave a huge boost to Cook’s online advertising presence.

The right marketing team can help you grow your real estate business with unique, timely tactics, and we’d love to help you take your brand to the next level. Contact Realty DS Media Group to learn more about all of our real estate marketing services.

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